About me


I am currently a programme manager at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, where I work with academic and industry partners to support the development of new vector control products.

Before moving to Liverpool, I was the trial coordinator for a cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating the epidemiological and entomological impact of a new malaria vector control intervention. The position was a natural next step for me, following a postdoc at Penn State University where I worked on applied research questions aimed at controlling insect vectors of human disease.

Prior to entering the field of medical entomology, I was an evolutionary ecologist with a particular interest in host-parasite interaction. I have worked on fungal infections in frogs, viral infections in bats, and protozoan infections in butterflies. What brought me to medical entomology, in the end, is the belief that it is a unique opportunity to apply my strong ecological background towards reducing the global burden of disease.