About me


I am currently a programme manager at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, working with industry and academic partners to support the development and evaluation of new vector control products. I started working on vector control as a postdoc at Penn State University, where I took on research questions aimed at understanding the ecology of insect vector of human disease. Following on from that postdoc, I was the trial manager for a cluster randomized controlled trial in Côte d’Ivoire, evaluating the epidemiological and entomological impact of a new malaria vector control intervention.

Before entering the field of vector control, I was an evolutionary ecologist with a particular interest in host-parasite interactions. I have worked on fungal infections in frogs, viral infections in bats, and protozoan infections in butterflies. What brought me to vector control is the belief that it is a unique opportunity to apply my strong ecological background towards reducing the global burden of infectious disease.